Dear Bob,
Laurel and I just finished taking our first swim in our new pool and it was great!

The quality of the work and the equipment provided by your company is really excellent. The detail on the deck, the tile, skimmers, plaster, equipment, etc. is really exceptional and shows the time and effort your employees put in to make it look and operate just right.

I have been totally impressed with Mike; he knows all about building and operating a pool and does everything in a quality manner. His attention to detail and suggestions in terms of equipment needed, control requirements and other aspects of pool operation has been invaluable. The total control system is really easy and provides a lot of flexibility to control all aspects of the pool and the pool environment (lighting, etc.).

I would recommend your company to anyone. If you want to take pictures once the landscaping is complete, you are more than welcome.

Thanks again for a great product. I am confident we will be enjoying the pool for many years to come.

Joe & Laurel

Dear Bob,
It is important for you to know how very pleased Sara and I are with our new pool and spa. We could not have had a more rewarding experience than we had working with you and your people. You and your co-workers made such a huge effort to deliver exactly what we wanted that we were amazed. There is no way I can write this letter without giving credit to Mike’s outstanding efforts. He is a very talented man and it was very pleasurable working with and getting to know him.

I must mention that when Sara and I decided to build a pool, and spoke with some of our friends that had pools built, we heard some nightmare stories. Obviously they had not met Bob Copeland and Able Gunite Pools!

With best regards,
Harry and Sara