About Us

Quality and experience are the foundation of this family-owned business.

Founder Bob Copeland grew up in Downy, California; his first experience in the swimming pool industry was as an excavating subcontractor in 1962. The family moved to Tennessee in 1995 and Bob started Able Gunite Pools, LLC, where everyone has a responsibility within the company. Bob’s wife Diane manages the accounting; son Michael (Mike) manages construction; daughter-in-law Janie is the front office manager; other family members are involved in the build and servicing of the pools.

With over 40 years of experience in building custom in-ground Gunite pools and spas, Able Gunite Pool & Spa has streamlined the pool building process to provide their clients the smoothest, least intrusive build possible, using old school construction with new school technology. They have helped create many wonderful backyard living areas and are always thankful and excited about new opportunities to help clients make their dreams come true. Email them now to schedule your free consultation.